Ethos Sail Shade Solutions

Ethos Said Shade (420 x 280)Ethos Said Shade 4Ethos Said Shade 3 (420 x 280)

A new concept in sail shades adding a stylish dimension to the design integrating style, protection from the sun and the versatility to be placed anywhere without the need of counter weights. The special 5degree inclination of the structure makes the sail unique giving shape and movement to the object ideal for the novel client.

  • Self-supporting sail with self-supporting motorized system
  • High-resistance RIPSTOP Dacron fabric used in sail boat constructions
  • Perfect tensioning of the canvas in any intermediate position
  • Several possibilities of inclination of the sail during installation
  • Aluminium frame with straight posts and stainless steel components.
  • Maximum width: 900 cm; Maximum depth: 1100 cm.
  • Standard colour of the posts: Iron Grey; Option for desired RAL
  • Standard double motor control unit.

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