Bioclimatic Louvre Pergolas

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Renson Algarve
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Bioclimatic Louvre Pergola systems are the latest trend in outdoor shade solutions giving a contemporary dimension to outdoor spaces with a touch of luxury. A modern clean design engineered to very high levels of quality these systems are perfect to use in all kinds of weather conditions. The design involves structures made with motorised tilting blades that rotate allowing sunlight and airflow.

  • Integrated LED lighting options are available
  • 100% water proof with an integrate gutter all around.
  • Available in small and large sizes and option to join to create larger spaces.
  • Different options to cover the sides suitable for various budgets.

We work with a few manufacturers across Europe and the World each with different functionalities and advantages of their own. Should you wish to know more or would like a free consultation where we would gather our requirements and advise you the most suitable product, call us on 07546 343499 or 07546 343411.