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Awnings are basically a fabric projection mounted and supported by a building using a metal or wooden framed mechanism designed to provide weather protection indoors and outdoors and also branding opportunities. Over the years, the types of mechanism and materials used have evolved immensely with aluminium fully enclosed cassette awnings with tensioned aluminium arms being the latest trend. Our range of awnings cover all styles, from traditional solutions like the Victorian Awnings still prominent in London to fixed Dutch canopies to fully cassette aluminium awnings to the more stylish butterfly awning systems. We work directly with design teams and architects to achieve quality solutions.

When you purchase from A & C, you can be assured of being supplied a high quality product in the range and excellent service. There is no compromise in strength or finish, you will always be guaranteed a product that has been built and tested to a very high standard and installed by professionals with years of experience. We also have a range of optional accessories in our range to enhance your experience.

We are also able to refurbish awnings and have capacity to procure the parts of most of the manufacturers across Europe and the UK. If there is any particular style you have seen and not shown on our website, it is still most likely we would be able to offer it , please feel free to give us a call on 07546 343499 / 07546 343411.